# 101 Web Application Developer for AI Response System


Publishing date:20109/12/6
Location: Tokyo


■ Company information:

This company provides various IT services using artificial intelligence and consulting service. In anticipation of the society after the spread of the Internet, the company is developing new services that adapt to changes in the social structure through solutions that utilize artificial intelligence. As the number of companies working on artificial intelligence technology is increasing, the superiority of this company lies in the performance of AI engines. By owning and operating a contact center in-house, it is possible to accumulate raw data and know-how, and AI using state-of-the-art deep learning enables short-term and low-load introduction. In order to automate the contact center, "Research and implementation of cutting-edge deep learning such as word2vec, Transfomer, BERT", "Development of natural language processing (speech / text) software", "Contact center management as a place for demonstration testing, RPA (Robotic) One of the features is that it has three levels of know-how (Process Automation).

■ Job description:

Web application development work for Natural language processing AI engine 

■ Development environment:

TypeScript, Python, GO

■ Required requirements:

・ Development experience using Java or JavaScript over 3 years

・ Experience of a series of flow such as requirement definition, specification development, design, coding, test

・ Business Japanese level (requires a level that can read and write kanji in documents well)

■ Conditions:

Expected annual income: 4.5 million to 8.1 million JPY (overtime allowance provided)

Estimated monthly salary: 375,000 yen to 675,000 yen (including uniform allowance)

Basic salary: 300,000 yen-600,000 yen 

Fixed overtime allowance: 75,000 yen-(fixed overtime 45 hours 0 minutes / month)

* Excess overtime allowance for overtime work is additionally provided Trial period (3 months in principle, no change in salary)

Working hours: 9: 30-18: 00 (flextime system, core time: 10: 30-16: 30)

Holiday vacation:

・ Full week holiday 2 days (Saturday and Sunday)

・ Holidays ・ New Year holidays

・ Annual paid leave

·special holiday


Annual salary increase

Transportation expenses

Social insurance (Employment, occupational accidents, health, welfare pension)