#103 Algorithm Engineer for Self-Driving


Pubsling date:2020/01/16


Company’s core business: image recognition-related software development (advanced

machine/deep learning)

Core requirement: image processing development experience with C++/C/Java/Python;

Deep learning experience (research experience welcome)

Japanese requirement: None

Location: Tokyo

Expected Annual Salary: 3.6 ~ 8 million JPY


About the company:

This company develops image recognition-related technologies to prevent traffic accidents

to save more lives. They are developing image recognition software using their unique

advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques.

■ Work description:

The algorithm development group conducts research and development on image

recognition and processing using deep learning.

This company’s development has been of great social significance, for it helps save the

lives of people all over the world. Working at this company you can clearly feel that the

products you are working on have concrete practical use and helps society.

[Services to be developed]

・ Pedestrian recognition software

・ Automotive recognition software

・ Sign recognition software

・ White line recognition software

[Main programming languages]

C ++ / C / Java / Python


・ Research experience on deep learning

・ Image processing development experience in C ++ / C / Java / Python

. Excellent English communication skill

*Japanese is Not required


Annual income 3,600,000 JPY to 8,000,000 JPY (* Estimated monthly salary 300,000 JPY

to 670,000 JPY)

As a fixed overtime allowance for 20 hours a month, the monthly sum ranges from 47,000

JPY (for a monthly salary of 300,000 JPY) to 73,000 JPY (for a monthly salary of 470,000


There is a trial period (in principle 3 months, there is no change in salary)

Working hours: 10: 00-19: 00


・ 2 days in a week(Saturday and Sunday)

・ Annual paid leave (first day 10 days)

・ Others (summer, year-end and New Year holidays, special leave for weddings and

funerals etc.)


Annual salary increase once a year

Transportation expenses (up to 30,000 JPY / month)

Social insurance (Employment, occupational accidents, health, welfare pension)

Casual clothes are encouraged

Congratulatory or condolence payments