#114 AI Researcher to Solve Social Problems*No Japanese OK


Publishing Date: 2020/1/31
Tokyo | Permanent | ¥5 M - ¥8 M annually


Company’s core business: Design and create AI solutions for business (needs) optimization

Core requirement: Machine learning skills&Algorithm implementation skills

Japanese requirement: None

Location: Tokyo


This company aims at solving ML-related problems faced by companies so as to have a positive impact on society. It believes that ML and deep learning technology pushes society to a higher level by automating many of the tasks currently performed by humans. It allows them to focus on what humans are better at.

For instance, image analysis technology has improved the accuracy of basic object detection and demand is rapidly increasing for business use. There are many companies that want to use these technologies to improve operations and improve efficiency, but most of these companies do not understand the exact technology to choose. This company also wants to ease this problem and make a great contribution.

Job description:

・Research, design, and implementation of solutions using statistical and machine learning methods

・Participation in technical progress reports and discussions in meetings with clients

・Project(s) promotions together with the (IT) architect


・Knowledge of statistical methods and general machine learning methods, not limited to deep learning

・Ability to implement machine learning methods using libraries and OSS. Welcome if you have the ability to implement the method from scratch.

・Ability to conduct or process prior research (generally in English)

・Ability to easily explain difficult machine learning techniques

* No Japanese ability OK

Ideal candidates:

・Those who can sympathize with the company's objective to achieve the best balance between business needs and cutting-edge technology

・Those who can continue to think and act with a sense of ownership in order to meet and exceed the expectations of clients.

・Leadership and teamwork in an environment of uncertainty and pressure

・Ability to actively and smoothly communicate with other members with an engineering background

・Those who continually catch up with the latest technology trends including deep learning


・ Annual salary: 5 million to 8 million yen

・ Working hours / Workstyle: Full-flex-time system * Starting and ending working hour completely free

・ Trial period: 6 months (no change in salary during that period)

・ Salary revision once a year (December) 

・ Social insurance (Health insurance, Employees' pension insurance, Employment insurance, Industrial accident insurance)

・ Full payment of transportation expenses 

・ Overtime allowance (45 hours of fixed overtime per month (calculated from the annual bar) is included, (excess amount will be paid separately) 

・ Learning support (book purchase and seminar participation expenses are paid by the company) 

・ Overseas training 

・ Subsidy for use of gym/massage stores near the office 

・ Other benefits

<PC environment suitable for development>

The PC to be supplied can be selected from Windows and Macintosh according to your request. The company will also supply high-spec machines tuned for development and 4K displays. 

<Learning will be fully supported> 

Catching up with the latest information is necessary to adopt the latest technology. The company encourages and invest in that. In addition to book purchase coverage, the company fully supports domestic and foreign seminar participation fees, overseas academic conference visits, online course attendance fees, etc.

・Holidays/paid leaves]: Full week holiday 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) ・ Year-end and New Year holidays ・ GW leave ・ Gyeongsang vacation ・ Paid leave 10 days  (3 days during the trial period)