#140 Android Engineer for AI English Learning App


Publishing Date:2020/2/05
Location: Tokyo


Company Information

The company’s vision is to create an English conversation online platform that enables users to truly acquire English speaking skills.

This is an startup company inmersed in the English education business, specializing in the use of high-precision voice recognition systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Since its initial release, their English learning app has gained many users with many of them as heavy users with over 100 hours of use-time within a yea. This has earned the company to a spot on the AppStore’s recommended list multiple times.

They are continuously working hard to provide the ideal English learning app.

Job Description

Job role: Function design, implementation, proposal, development and improvement with other development team members

Language: Kotlin

IDE: Android Studio

Architecture: Basic design is MVVM using Data Binding

Speech tools: Speech recognition (STT), synthesized speech (TTS)

Tools: Git, BitBucket, Jira, Bitrise, Slack,

Development flow: There is a morning meeting to check the task everyday and a review meeting once a week to improve the product.


-1 year or more of Android application development experience (OK for both Java and Kotlin)

-N2 or equivalent Japanese language ability if you are not native Japanese


Expected annual salary: 4 - 6 million JPY 

Salary promotion: once a year 

Work location: Tokyo

Work hour: You can choose to come to the office any time between 8:00-11:00AM and work for 8 hours in a day.

Remote Work: Allowed once a month 

Various social insurances are covered

Transportation cost is covered based on the company policy 

Holiday/Vacation: Saturday and Sunday, summer leaves, New Year’s holidays, paid leaves, special leave for weddings and funerals.

・ Support for acquisition of language qualification, book purchase costs, study session participation costs

・ Purchase of development machine (Mac)

・ Large desk and display

・ Book purchase support