#144 Infra/Security Engineer at AI Company * No Japanese Language OK


Publishing Date:2020/2/07
Location: Tokyo


■ Company information:

 This company has been recently selected as one of the 100 best venture companies. 

 Inbound demand has been growing in recent years, and the number of  tourists visiting Japan has been increasing year by year.However,  tourists visiting Japan have significant challenges in terms of language  and communication. 

In addition, accommodation facilities face  labor shortages due to a rapid increase in the number of tourists  visiting Japan, high turnover rates, and issues with multilingual  support. 

This company has developed a concierge application and a  multilingual chatbot that can be used with multilingual AI speakers  with images specializing in accommodations.Its aims is to solve the  above-mentioned difficulties that tourists face in Japan. 

They  will further improve the business operation of accommodation facilities,  create an environment where staff can respond to higher value-added  operations, and improve the travel experience of visitors to Japan. 

 Further, using accommodation facilities as a hub, they will contribute  to the creation of a regional revitalization system by deeply connecting  tourists to Japan with tourism resources in each region. 

Until  now, they have been introducing services mainly through marketing  experiments, but now they are beginning to expand their service  including major lodging facilities. 

They have already  successfully implemented IP strategies in Japan and overseas.They are  experiencing fast grow and need to grow the number of team members with  whom they can become the first Japan's mega-startup. 

■ Job description:

The products are intended to go global, so design, construction and operation of an infrastructure that can withstand high traffic is necessary. At the same time, it is necessary to take measures against known and unknown security risks.

Job Role

-Design infrastructure that can withstand high traffic.

-Design, build, and operate efficient and effective monitoring using cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.).

-Assessment of security risks (hearings and analysis of current situation) for the products and infrastructure, extraction and reporting of risk issues, proposal and execution of countermeasures.

■ Requirements:

-Experience in designing, building, and operating cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)

-Experience in designing, building and operating infrastructure that can withstand high traffic

-Security enhancement and operation experience in cloud infrastructure

* No Japanese level is required 

■ Preferred Requirements:

-Cache (redis), Docker experience

-Experience in AWS, Azure or GCP IaaS

-Experience with test-driven development (TDD) methods

-Microservice architecture

-Experienced CI / CD test automation

-AWS Beanstalk, RDS, IAM, network, EC2 and other related services


■ Conditions:

Expected annual salary: 5 ~ 8 million JPY

There is a trial period (in principle 3 months, there is no change in salary)

Flex time system: 

Core working hours 10:00〜13:00 (You need to work for 8 hours in a day)

Holiday vacation:

・ Holiday 2 days in a week(Saturday and Sunday)

・ Annual paid leave 

・ Others (summer, year-end and New Year holidays, special leave for weddings and funerals etc.)


Annual salary increase once a year

Transportation expenses

Social insurance (Employment, occupational accidents, health, welfare pension)