# 148 Machine Learning Engineer


Pubsling date:2020/2/28
Remote Work | Contract | ¥8M-¥15M


Company Information

This startup long-term and very ambitious goal is to upload human consciousness onto a device (machines・computers) within 20 years, based on fundamental research and ideas by their technical adviser who is a professor at Tokyo University as neuroscientist. They introduce novel ideas to “Generative Models”, which fuses "data oriented learning" and "logical reasoning" at high levels, resulting in enhanced recognition and prediction. 

At the same time, the company is currently involved in various side projects (algorithm implementation, generative model, etc.  ); while they work in cooperation with some universities on that long-term goal. 

They have also partnered with Fujitsu Limited, Nagoya University, and others to engage in the social implementation and operation of systems using models of "neural algorithms that create virtual reality" that were born from research results. They will continue to partner with companies in various fields to conduct research and development and social implementation of models using actual data.

Based on previous knowledge, the research team implements and models the functions that humans and animals have acquired in the brain, working with machine learning research engineers.

They are researching and developing models of "neural algorithms that are expected to create virtual reality".

These are some of examples that the company is currently addressing.

・ Acquisition of human stereoscopic vision (3D computer vision)

・ Acquisition of technology for estimating building height from satellite photos

・ Acquisition of technology to detect gusts and predictively control the attitude of the drone

・ Acquisition of dolphin echolocation technology

Job description

You will work on algorithm development, and others, assigned to projects.


・ Over 1.5 years of solid experience using machine learning

・ Experience using deep learning framework (Pytorch, Tensorflow, etc.) in business

・ Ability to read and implement English academic papers 

・ Skills to perform all steps of model building, prototype implementation, and performance evaluation

・ Experience using GPU for learning neural networks

・ Experience in team development

Preferred Requirements 

・ Master's or doctoral degree related to artificial intelligence and machine learning

・ Knowledge of neuroscience

・ Experience using the generation model in business

・ Experience developing and operating applications using machine learning

・ Experienced in designing and implementing the original neural network

・ Experience in implementing machine learning with C ++ in addition to Python


Annual salary: 8 ~15 million JPY

*Employment type, regular employment, contract employment or outsourcing contract is decided after the interviews.

Working hours: Full flex-time 

Work style: Complete remote work 

Holiday/vacation: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and other holidays 

Annual salary promotion

Complete social insurance (employment, work-related accidents, health, welfare pension)

*This position is available for people who are currently residing in Japan