# 151 AI Engineer to Change the Society through AI


Publishing Date:2020/03/11
Tokyo | Permanent |


Company Information

「Developing the Society of Tomorrow through AI Engineering」

The company was founded in 2018 by a management consultant with the aspiration to enrich people's lives with AI. Focusing on the mature apparel, real estate and advertising industries, fashion trend forecasting utilizing fashion coordination analysis technology using AI, apparel e-commerce and custom ordering, apparel company demand forecasting and MD optimization, unmanned Provide services such as labor-saving store solutions and smart advertising. The service aims to enrich consumers' lives and brighten the industry as a whole. 

Job description

AI engineers act as product owners responsible for leading development of products in response to market needs. Their AI engineers are required to go beyond the traditional boundaries of system development to flexibly design and implement AI while considering the technical limitations specific to AI. Therefore, successful candidates must possess a deep understanding of algorithms and have experience with the infrastructure and frameworks used for AI.

・Design and implement scalable AI systems

・UI/UX design and development performed in conjunction with business teams

・Development management involving the assembling of teams of AI engineers and AI researchers

・Evaluating AI systems under development

・Communicating development results


・Two or more years of development experience with Python and C++, etc.

・Achievement or good result at a programming competition

・Experience using a cloud service for work for at least one year

・Product development experience using an edge device

・FPGA development experience

・Japanese level equivalent to or better than N3 Japanese level


Expected annual salary: decided after the interview, considering skills and experience.

Working hours: 9: 30-18: 30

Holiday/vacation: Saturdays and Sundays, national holidays, Summer Holidays, New Year holidays

The overtime work payment is included in the basic salary. The average of the overtime work in a month is 20~30 hours


Annual salary increase

Transportation expenses is covered

Complete social insurance (employment, work-related accidents, health, welfare pension)