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Kanagawa | Permanent | JPY 5m~9m

#1571 【no Japanese required】PM (Electronic design) - Flextime system & Remote work (1~2 days a week)

【会社概要】 採用企業様は、金属3Dプリンターの開発を手掛ける、米国に本社を置くスタートアップです。2021年2月に設立し、同年5月にUTEC、D4C、UC berkeley、グロービス・キャピタル・パートナーズなどのVCより総額約8億円の資金調達を完了されておられます。 採用企業様は、地場の鉱石から金属製品をその場で生み出す、金属部品の地産地消が可能な世界の実現をミッションに掲げております。採用企業様の3Dプリント技術は、従来技術の課題であったスピード、経済性、スケーラビリティに抜本的な改善をもたらしておられます。

#1571 【no Japanese required】PM (Electronic design) - Flextime system & Remote work (1~2 days a week)



Kanagawa | Permanent | JPY 5m~9m


[Hiring Company Profile]

The company was founded in February 2021 and raised approximately 800 million yen in funding from UTEC, D4C, UC Berkeley, Globis Capital Partners, and other VC firms in May of the same year.

The company's mission is to realize a world where metal parts can be locally produced for local consumption by creating metal products onsite from local ore. The company's 3D printing technology is bringing about fundamental improvements in speed, economy, and scalability, which have been challenges for conventional technologies.

[Background of Recruitment] 

Due to business expansion

Attractive points of the company/job

(1) Innovative nature of the business: You will be involved in the development of a revolutionary metal 3D printer as a member of a team that aims to revolutionize a major manufacturing industry, originating from Japan.Since their product is an in-house development, the company holds its own patents, and based on a new principle, their product enables 500 times higher productivity x 90% cost reduction.

(2) Work environment: The company has an environment where you can concentrate on manufacturing, and because it is a research and development type incubation facility where hardware companies are gathered, there are opportunities for information exchange and interaction with other manufacturing venture companies that are aiming in the same direction.

(3) Excellent team: You are expected to work as a member of a team that is fully committed to the realization of the project, including people from Japan's top-class steel manufacturers and professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oxford University from the academic world.past work place of their employees including McKinsey/TOYOTA/HONDA/SONY etc.)

(4)The company has a diverse working environment, with experts in various areas working together, including specialists in mechanical engineering, materials (metals, etc.), and software development, as well as advisors from overseas and VC firms from the US.

[Job description]

-Conception and planning of next generation equipment

-Negotiation with customers and specification determination with management and business side

-QCD (Quality, cost, delivery) management of the entire project

-Design, prototyping, and evaluation of control panels


-At least 5 years of experience in product development and at least 5 years of experience in electronic design development

-Experience in project management of mass production products with mechanical/electronic/software complex

-Practical experience in complying with overseas safety standards and regulations

-Experience negotiating with external parties such as customers and vendors

[Preferred Welcome requirements]

-Business Japanese & English (e.g., communication via slack)

-Experience in design and development in the industrial machinery industry

-Experience working in a start-up company


Employment status :Permanent

Trial period: 3 months

Estimated annual salary :5~9 million yen (stock options are planned to be granted in the future)

Location : KBIC, 7-7 Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan

Working hours : flexible (no core time)

Holidays :Sat. and Sun., national holidays

Vacation :year-end and New Year's vacation, other vacations available

Overtime :Average of about 40 hours per month (paid overtime)

Benefits: Social insurance, commuting allowance (in accordance with company regulations), other benefits

[About the selection process]

Number of applicants: 1

Required documents for application:Resume, Curriculum vitae

Online interview:Available

Language of interview:Japanese

Number of interviews (flow): Multiple times

*Changes depending on the candidate's situation.

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