#164 Machine Learning Engineer in Fukuoka


Pubsling date:2020/01/15
Fukuoka | Permanent | ¥4 M - ¥7 M annually


Company Information

The company was established in Fukuoka. and also has an office in Tokyo.

They are mainly developing IT-related services such as technology consulting,

software development, and cloud infrastructure construction. With 100% in-

house development, the company contributes to the growth of customers'

businesses through free ideas and proposals. Customers include major

companies, local governments, universities and research institutions. Clients

are increasing one after another because of their high technological capabilities.

◆ 100% in-house commitment and development environment for engineers

The company focuses on the development environment for engineers. Although

there are business trips to the Tokyo office etc. depending on the project, there

is no temporary dispatch or resident, and development is basically in-house.

There is a very free atmosphere inside the company, discussions are held in

front of the whiteboard, people who concentrate on coding while listening to

music with earphones, people who stand and design at the counter, sit on a

balance ball There are various people who are planning.

◆ Focus on engineer technology improvement and education system for

business expansion!

The company expanded and relocated our headquarters in the spring of 2015

and are strengthening our organization for further business expansion. In order

to constantly acquire the latest technology, they are also focusing on improving

the skills of engineers, such as participating in seminar training held in various

locations and in-house study sessions. They regard the growth of employees as

the root of the company's growth and are willing to invest in improving the skills

of each and every employee. They aim to be a place where companies needed

by society and human resources needed by society grow.

Job Description

You will be in charge of the development of systems using AI and machine learning.

Specifically, you will provide customers with one-stop services, from technical consulting on data utilization, model creation using deep learning and machine learning, data analysis, and system construction and operation using models.

The company is looking for someone who is willing to create an AI/machine learning business together.


-Experience in web application or smartphone application development 

-Implementation experience using machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Chainer

-Understanding of machine learning models (linear regression, SVM, RandomForest, RNN, CNN, GAN, YOLO, etc.)

-Ability to research the latest research trends

-Japanese level: Conversational 


Annual Salary: 4 – 7 million JPY*Depending on your skills and experience

[For New graduate students]

Undergraduate degree 230,000 yen monthly

Master's degree 250,000 yen monthly

Doctorate 250,000 yen monthly + α (determined by taking into account majors,


Bonus: Twice a year (July and December)

Salary Promotion: Once a year (August)

Work Location: Fukuoka

Work hour: Flex-time

Insurances: Employment insurance, Industrial accident insurance, Health

insurance and Employees' pension are covered


-Company trips (in the past, Bali, Taiwan, Shanghai, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Ise

/ Kumano, etc.)

-Transportation cost based on the company regulations

-Dependent allowance (spouse: ¥ 15,000, per child: ¥ 5,000)

Holidays: Saturday and Sunday, Golden Week, Summer holidays, New Year’s


*The total of the interviews is 3 times.