#206 Smartphone Payment Sales


Pubsling date:2020/07/06
Japan | Contract | ¥270,000 monthly


Company Profile

Compared to other countries, cashless payment in Japan has not grown exponentially. Since this cashless payment is not available in many places, consumers and stores have many demerits. If this cashless payment system becomes available everywhere, it can make the shopping easier and boost the economy better since it reduces labor cost and speeds up in the stores and bring points, cash back and easy payment management to consumers. So, the company aims for a world where cashless shopping can be promoted anywhere in Japan by promoting cashless payment.

Job Description

Currently, the company is aiming at expanding the number of stores where this cashless payment service can be used more broadly.

・The service is not only convenient for general users, but it can be introduced and used by participating stores with simple operations, and has the advantage of increasing the number of customers who want cashless stores. There is also the advantage that payment fees are free for three years after the introduction, and the fees that are incurred with credit cards are unnecessary.

・You will guide the use of the service to stores that have not been introduced and continue to increase the number of member stores.

[Details of work]

・Introduce and provide the cashless payment service by approaching the store directly and listening to the owners of the store about the business situation.

・Follow up to the installation of the system.

・It is an environment where you can hear the joy of "it was easier to use than we thought!" and "We were pleased with the increase in the number of customers who came to our stores."


-Business Japanese level

-Working experience in any industry

*Working visa is necessary, with expiration date more than 6 months

*For the application, you need to submit Rirekisho, Shokumukeirekisho and entry sheet. We pass you the entry sheet after you apply.


Basic Salary: 270,000 JPY: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Aichi, Kyoto, Hyogo

-250,000 JPY: Areas other than the above

-Overtime allowance and additional wage for overtime work

-Incentive system available

Employment type: Contract

(In principle, renewal every 6 months, maximum 3 years *Regarding the first and second contract renewals, the period may change depending on the month of joining the company.)

-Maximum employment: 3 years

Location: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Aichi, Kyoto, Hyogo or other areas

Working hours: 10:00 am to 6:45 pm (actual work 7 hours 45 minutes + break time 1 hour from 12:00 to 13:00 in principle)

*Super flex system (no core time)

*There is overtime work

Allowances: Social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance), overtime allowance, midnight work allowance, Holiday work allowance and commuting allowance (up to 150,000 yen a month)

Holiday: Two days a week, national holidays and New Year holidays (December 29th to January 4th)

-one weekday from April 30 to May 2

Those leaves are also available: Annual paid leave, Kyousei leave, Child nursing leave, Nursing leave and paid leave (Granted 10 days after working for 6 months)