#257 Tech Lead for Drone Company


Publishing Date:2020/10/21
Tokyo | Permanent | ¥6 M - ¥10M


Company information

 This is a startup that provides industrial drone-based solutions and services. Its aim is to fully automate operations. They have a fully mobile drone system with automatic take-off and landing,  automatic charging, and automatic data link functions. It can be operated as a set-up drone system (drone port) in areas such as security monitoring and equipment inspection of large-scale sites. This eliminates the need for workers to go to the site each time, enabling efficient and safe work execution. In June 2019 it was selected for the  J-Startup, a startup company development support program promoted by the  Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The company will continue developing its business in order to become a market leader in the growing drone or drone-related market.

[Company's main products and services]

1. A comprehensive platform that produces business automation by drones. This platform service has a variety of extended functions that are essential for business automation, such as integrated flight management, flight plan, and performance data management, simultaneous flight with multiple aircraft, support for drones from various manufacturers, and connection to UTM.

2. A fully automatic operation drone system that enables automatic take-off and landing, automatic charging, and automatic transfer of shooting data.

3. This is a drone-specific communication system that allows real-time sharing of the video being shot between multiple sites and remote control of the camera.

*The clients are usually maintenance and security management departments of major business companies (electricity / oil / coal products / steel / transportation / construction / communications, etc.), local governments, police, fire departments.

Job Role:

You will be in charge of mobile and web software development for the company’s services.

・ Promote service development and improvement, from development to operation

・ Evaluate technology owned by stakeholders and select optimal technology/partner.

Technology environment

Development languages: PHP (Laravel), Python, Node.js, C #, C ++, Java, Swift, Objective-C

Development  environment: Azure, Docker, Linux, Windows app, Mac app, iOS, Android,  Raspberry Pi, DJI SDK, Dronecode, OpenCV, OpenSfM

Database: MySQL, Redis

Development PC: Mac

Source code/issue management: GitLab CI tool: GitLab CI

Chat tool: Slack

Information sharing: G Sutie


-Experience as a tech lead or project leader 

-Experience in building/developing/operating web application, cloud infrastructure, or native application. 

-Software engineering experience, particularly with one or more of the following:  PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C #, C ++, Azure, AWS, etc; Cloud infrastructure

-Ability to have an interview in Japanese (even with broken Japanese)

Preferred requirements

Knowledge of Deep Learning / Machine Learning ・ Knowledge of Image Processing /  Image Recognition / Image Analysis / Practical Experience in Control  Software, Operation Software Development, etc. / loT experience/ Having a  wide range of interests in new things /challenges taking the spirit


  • Salary: 6 million ~ 10.08 million JPY
  • Salary revision: twice a year (January and July) / Determined based on the most recent half year's performance assessment
  • Coverage of commuting expenses
  • Annual  holidays: 124 days [weekends; public holidays; New Year holidays; Summer holidays]; Paid leave (10 days for the first year) 
  • Other benefits/perks: Telework system when weather and public transportation are disturbed ・ Pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and nursing care systems support.

*No regular bonus but separate bonus system depending on the performance