#277 Bioinformatician for Next-generation Biopharmaceuticals

#277  Bioinformatician for Next-generation Biopharmaceuticals


Pubsling date:2021/4/23
Yamagata | Permanent | ¥3 M - ¥6 M annually


This position is only available for people who are residing in Japan

■ Company information:

This company offers a novel drug discovery technology that leverages the combination of top-notch technologies including machine learning. It offers a platform that can greatly accelerate and improve antibody drug discovery at pharmaceutical companies. This system uses a next-generation sequencer that collects a large amount of antibody blueprint-related information and uses a proprietary artificial intelligence-based analysis system (patent pending) to achieve high-speed and large-scale acquisition of high-quality antibody candidates. It searches more than 10 times as many antibody drug candidates in about 1/10 of the time than conventional methods. Yet, the company aims at more efficiency and acceleration.

■ Core Business description

- Biopharmaceutical development business by the next-generation sequencer and big data analysis with artificial intelligence.

- Provision of high-speed, high-efficiency drug discovery screening systems with big data analysis using next-generation sequencers and artificial intelligence, targeting pharmaceutical companies and bio-venture companies engaged in the discovery and development of biopharmaceuticals.

The company aims at drug discovery faster and in larger amounts.

■ Role

You will be in charge of data analytics for biopharmaceuticals.

■ Requirements

-Knowledge of the genome in molecular biology

-Experience in bioinformatics

*No Japanese language required

*The start date has to be 2021 April

■ Preferred Requirements

・ Doctoral degree

・ Ability to carry out research (Outcome (papers) and achievements in the research are necessary to show)

・ Knowledge of molecular biology is required

・ Knowledge of statistics

・ Programming ability (Desirable to know the specific product)

■ Conditions

Expected monthly salary: 3 million ~ 6 million JPY〜, depending on your skills and experience

Salary promotion: Anytime

Working Location: Yamagata prefecture

Employment type: full-time, regular employment 

*Start date is June or Aug 2021

Holidays/Vacations: Saturdays and Sunday, Summer holidays New Year holidays, annual paid leaves.

Moving cost allowances (Depending on where you live currently)

Transportation expenses covered 

Various Social insurance covered