# 526 [Cloud utilization problem solving] Project manager

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

[Company Profile]

We are developing an integration business that optimally combines multiple clouds such as Salesforce, AWS, and Heroku.

Based on Web application development / design production, which has been a strength since the company was founded in 2005, it is rapidly growing in the cloud business using Salesforce and AWS, which started in 2009. Armed with cloud mix, we are a company with 160 people, but we do business directly with the leading companies in Japan. In the Salesforce market, we have earned a reputation as a unique and edgy consulting partner.

Business content

● Professional services to support DX

● Support for introducing IoT services

● Multi-cloud integration such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Savices, Heroku, etc.

● Consumer Web / Mobile Solution Services

● Real-time vehicle management system for in-house products

[Background of recruitment]

Increased staff due to strong business performance

Most mid-career hires are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who have no experience in cloud development.

[Attractive points of company/work]

Our motto is to develop employees who have the ability to choose the company where they will work in 5 or 10 years.

You can advance your career while engaging in the cloud business that will grow in the future.

Participation in external seminars during working hours is also OK! It is an environment where it is easy to balance skill improvement and work.

[Job description]

Participate in various Web / smartphone service projects operated by companies, new business service launch projects to be developed in the future, and other service projects for major consumers.

<Responsible work>

Armed with development capabilities and agility for a wide range of cloud platforms centered on Salesforce and Amazon Web Services, we develop cloud systems as a manager while directly negotiating with clients such as Web-based business systems, IoT, AI (Einstein), etc.

Specifically, you will be asked to participate in a large-scale consumer Web / smartphone service project and a new business service launch project. Customers vary in size and industry, such as large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The project is almost a prime project, and depending on the project, you can participate from the planning and design of the service. You will be in charge of the entire process as a PM.

The project consists of about 3 to 10 people and will participate in the service construction project. We often propose from service concept to usage technology, and you can expand the range of technology as your engineer.

Since you may be involved in service development that has never existed before, you can be involved in business with high technology.

・ Project management for system introduction and development utilizing the cloud such as Salesforce and AWS

・ Management and coordination of resources for the project

・ Requirements definition and basic system design, etc.


・ More than 2 years of development experience related to Web Services and applications

・ Programming experience (Java / C # / Ruby / Python / Scala, etc.)

・ Required Japanese ability: N1

[Preferred requirements]

・ Experienced project manager and leader of new development projects or continuous maintenance development projects

・ Experienced consulting (system system)

・ Those who have Salesforce or AWS certification


Employment Type: Permanent

Trial period: 3 months

Estimated annual income: 7-14 million yen

Work location: Tokyo

Working hours: 8 hours a day. 10: 00-15: 00 (core time)

Holidays: 2 days a week (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays

Vacation: Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and other vacations available

Overtime: Average month 15 hours

Benefits: Complete social insurance, commuting allowance (according to company regulations), and other benefits

[About selection]

Number of applicants: 10

Documents required for application: resume, resume of work

Online interview: Available

Interview language: Japanese

Number of interviews (flow): 2-3 times

Application for overseas residents: Unavailable

* May change depending on the situation of the candidate