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Preparation for job interviews in Japan

最終更新: 2020年4月10日

Every country has its own style for job interviews. It is better to adjust their culture where you have the interview. Here are the tips for the job interview in Japan.

Research the company

Before the interview date, it is important to research the company as much as you can. Understanding of Company’s core business, vision and mission are necessary. You can find the articles about the company on the internet, so please read them as many as you can.

Dress Code

Unless the company points out the dress code, you can wear anything. However, usually, you should wear business suits if the position is involved with clients. If positions are such as IT engineers who don’t communicate with clients face to face, it is not necessary to wear the business suits. Casual clothes are fine.

Time to arrive

It is difficult to find a company building even for Japanese people, using online map. You better have time to spare in order to visit the company at the right time. Sometimes, people come to the company too early even though there are no waiting rooms. So, please come to the company 10 minutes before the interview. In case you face accidents and get late for the interview, please call the company or recru